Wind Damage

Wind speeds do not need to rise to the level of a hurricane or a tornado to cause considerable damage. This is especially so in coastal states like Florida, where a storm can seemingly pop up out of nowhere, wreak havoc to both residential and commercial properties in the area, and dissipate just as quickly as it appeared. Wind can often cause roofing shingles to lift, crease, or tear. It can also cause roofing tiles to de-bond, crack, or shit in position. Damages such as those stated above can often go unnoticed, but may result in a compromised roofing system which leaves your property susceptible to additional costly damages due to water intrusion and the like. Wind can also damage the building envelope and windows. It is important to get a full assessment of the damages.


Hail Damage

Hail can leave significant damage to your home or property within minutes. Hail damage may not be readily visible which is important to schedule a full damage inspection to uncover any hidden damages. Hail damage can lead to moisture intrusion that will cause water damage if left untreated. Your Claim Hero is trained to run a thorough hail damage inspection to find any and all damage and file insurance claims on your behalf.