Florida house fires can cause severe property damage to both the structure and personal belongings.

These damages can extensive and lead to thousands of dollars in repair and replacement of your property. Add to it, the back and forth with the insurance company and claims adjusters, and it can be downright overwhelming. We’re here to help you with fire damage claims. 


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Fire Damage Claims in Florida

Rarely will your insurance provider act to swiftly and fairly pay your fire damage claim. Insurance companies will almost always try to settle for less than you deserve. Many policyholders experience unfair delays, low settlement offers, or even claim denials.

In the wake of such maltreatment, you need an experienced adjuster to protect you and fight on your behalf. Your Claim Hero knows how to deal with homeowners’ fire damage claims and can negotiate and fight on your behalf to pursue the full compensation you deserve.

For Florida Residents:

Key Takeaways

After a fire for which you file a claim for damages, your insurance company will investigate what the caused the fire. They’ll check out the damage and estimate the overall value of your claim. But they may undervalue your claim.

The language in your home insurance policy will determine what damages will be covered in the event of a fire. Some policies may only cover damage caused by the fire itself. Other policies may even cover problems arising from the fire, including smoke and water damage. Your policy may also cover structural, wind, melted personal property, roof damage, electrical, and even plumbing damage.

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What Can I Do If My

Fire Damage Claim is ‘Stuck’ or Denied?

Receiving an insurance denial can be heartbreaking and frustrating. You put your trust in your insurance company, reliably paying your premiums and expecting them to be there for you in your time of need.  Unfortunately, all too often Florida residents find that their claim for fire damage due to bad wiring, lightning strikes, power surges or other acts of nature or accidents are denied.

If you too received an insurance denial, don’t give up! Put a public adjuster from our company on your side and let us do what we do best. We work on the side of policyholders, ensuring that insurance companies pay what they are required to under the terms of its policy.

We know how to build an insurance claim the right way, from documentation of evidence in your favor, to highlighting policy terms and providing a professional, in-depth examination that can aid in getting your claim approved in full.