Whenever a hurricane occurs, it is very likely that it will cause huge damage to your home.

There are times when the damage is actually much more than it looks like from the outside. When you take a homeowner’s policy, you might think the insurance policy will also cover any damages caused by hurricanes or storms, but insurers have now shifted more risk to policyholders by having different policies for hurricanes and other calamities and setting higher deductibles.


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Storm Damage iNSURANCE Claims in Florida

Policyholders who have storm damage insurance claims, most of them often end up not getting expected money from their insurance claims after facing damages from hurricanes. They don’t get enough money to fix their damages and meet the deductibles too. The same goes for storm damage insurance claims too.

Hurricane insurances are actually a combination made up of a few different kinds of insurance coverages. You can’t get a stand-alone policy that only covers the damages caused by hurricanes. Some insurers combine other things such as flood insurance, homeowners insurance, and various other endorsements.

What Do These Insurances Usually Cover?

It is actually based on the coverages you decide to have. The policy might cover the damages you will face caused by different weather-related perils such as storms, floods, hurricanes, etc.

For Florida Residents:

Key Takeaways

Hurricanes and other wind storms are a constant threat to Florida homeowners.  Florida homeowners have always been able to feel secure that if they had some kind of storm damage insurance claim, their insurance policy would provide for the repair or replacement of their property.  

With Hurricane season always a threat every year, it’s important to have your policy up to date with what you need and we will fight to make sure your rights are honored.

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What Can I Do If My

Storm Damage Claim is ‘Stuck’ or Denied?

Receiving an insurance denial can be heartbreaking and frustrating. You put your trust in your insurance company, reliably paying your premiums and expecting them to be there for you in your time of need.  Unfortunately, all too often Florida residents find that their claim for storm damage due to hail, wind, hurricanes or other acts of nature or accidents are denied.

If you too received an insurance denial, don’t give up! Put a public adjuster from our company on your side and let us do what we do best. We work on the side of policyholders, ensuring that insurance companies pay what they are required to under the terms of its policy.

We know how to build an insurance claim the right way, from documentation of evidence in your favor, to highlighting policy terms and providing a professional, in-depth examination that can aid in getting your claim approved in full.