If You Suffer a Business Loss, Give Us a Call. We’ll Help the Business Get Back Up and Running.

As Commercial Large Loss Public Adjusters, We can help your business avoid large repair/reconstruction bills by recovering the maximum from your insurance company. We make the insurance claim process simple and easy. We handle all aspects of the claim so you can focus on your business and what matters most. We handle business insurance claims of all sizes and all types of industries in Florida.

A Commercial or Business Owner’s Policy typically covers losses from physical damage, such as office equipment destroyed in a flood, building damage caused by a fire, or property damage caused by a storm. With commercial property insurance, you can recoup your property losses. But how do you recover when your business can’t operate because of property damage?

The answer is Business Interruption Insurance! Business Interruption Insurance (also called Business Income and Extra Expense Insurance) is part of a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) and covers lost income if you need to temporarily close your business due to events beyond your control. Typically, a Business Interruption Policy can provide coverage for:

Appropriate coverage is key to protecting your assets, but even more important is an understanding of the policy. Insurance policy language can be complex. In the example of business interruption, policyholders must be wary of tricky terminology within these items: Waiting period, Proof of loss and Unique coverages.

To add to the chaos, insurance companies can often deny claims because of a lack of coverage, e.g., an item is excluded from coverage under the policy. The insurance company may even value your property differently than you do or determine that you didn’t have to cease business operations in your particular situation. These insurance companies realize your vulnerability. Don’t fall blindsided to insurance tactics. United Public Adjusters will be the expert on your side.

A business’s top concern after a disaster is getting through the claim settlement process, which can often be lengthy and intense. Business owners must supply thorough and detailed documentation on the business loss and the resulting expenses – which can be a difficult task to manage alone.

Providers will often scrutinize claims for payment. Insurance policy terms can be confusing. Moreover, you’re facing the stress of getting your business repaired and back up and running.

Don’t settle for solitary suffering. Your Claim Hero knows how to help. Our public adjusters are experts in property damage losses and recovery. We serve the policyholders, not the insurance company.  So, you can rest assured that your best interest is always at the forefront of our minds.

When to call a Public Adjuster:


With the complexity of claims, and the scrutinizing over documented losses, a public adjuster not only helps prepare claims documents, but also negotiates and manages the insurance claim from beginning to end. Adjusters have the expertise and experience to guide business owners through the process, helping your business to get back on track. With Your Claim Hero on your side, the hassle and stress will be eliminated as we recover your compensation quicker. While we evaluate, negotiate, and submit claims for business and property owners, you can focus on the important things – regaining business operation and adjusting back to normalcy.

Your business continuity is our top priority. With so much on your plate, you need a public adjuster to step in. Allow us to fight on your behalf to get your business – and wellbeing – back where it should be.