Why You Should Hire a Public Adjuster Rather than an Attorney

Why is hiring a public adjuster a better idea than hiring an attorney?

When you experience property damage, it’s important that you get the claim taken care of right away. Some homeowners turn to an attorney for help, but this is an expensive route that is very rarely needed. Let’s take a look at why you should hire a public adjuster to file an insurance claim instead of seeking a law firm for the job.

Adjusters Charge Less Money

Let’s start with the biggest concern of many homeowners who have suffered property damage: the cost of services. Both public adjusters and attorneys typically work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you won’t need to pay anything up front. However, you’ll save a lot of money with a public insurance adjuster. An attorney’s fee can be upwards of 30 to 40% of your settlement, whereas the fee that public adjusters charge for their services can be much less.

Adjusters Understand What Is Required

The insurance claims process can be quite involved even when you don’t have a lot of property damage. It’s easy for certain items to be missed during the application phase, even for many skilled attorneys. Every day, public claims adjusters deal with situations like this. They know what’s needed through every step of the process, which can help everything go more smoothly.

Adjusters Understand Damages

There are many different types of damage that could happen to your property. A hurricane alone can cause severe wind damage, whether it’s to the roof or because items from a neighbor’s yard were blown into yours. Since public adjusters handle these types of claims on a regular basis, they’re very familiar with the various types of damage that can occur and the typical costs involved. This familiarity gives them an advantage over many attorneys.

Adjusters Are Licensed Specialists

Public insurance adjusters are required to obtain a license from the state of Florida. This is a somewhat lengthy process, which means that you can’t just walk in the office and pay for it.

Although attorneys are consummate professionals, they don’t typically specialize in homeowner’s insurance claims. It’s often one of many different services they offer. With a public adjuster, you’re getting someone whose primary focus is insurance claims.

Adjusters Resolve Claims Quickly

In case you hadn’t noticed, the legal world often moves at a snail’s pace. Oh, who are we kidding? Snails can look like speed demons in comparison.

Public insurance adjusters are more in tune with what insurance companies need in order to process a claim more quickly. Simply put, an attorney filing a lawsuit is going to take a lot more time to go through the system.

Adjusters Have a Softer Reputation

Personally, we think attorneys are fantastic. But it’s impossible to deny that when someone sees that a homeowner has “lawyered up,” this can create a negative situation.

An insurance company may see this as an aggressive move and return in kind. A public insurance adjuster, on the other hand, has a softer reputation. This may not sound fair, but that’s simply the way it is.

Adjusters May Suggest an Attorney

Although there are many advantages to hiring a public insurance adjuster over an attorney, an adjuster may suggest getting one in rare circumstances. This is typically the case when an insurance company, for whatever reason, is being hard-nosed about the claim. One of an attorney’s skills is litigation, so the adjuster may suggest you enlist their help for trickier situations.

Adjusters Can Work with an Attorney

In even rarer circumstances, an adjuster may suggest that they team up with an attorney to handle your claim. This gives you the best of both worlds. The public adjuster can handle all the basic ins and outs, calculate property damage, and deal with the insurance agency, while the attorney handles the litigation aspect. Just keep in mind that you’ll be paying two fees, although either one or both are likely to give you a discount.

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